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We value our staff that follows directions properly and does a great job. Which is why we do our best to try and issue payments in a more timely manner than other agencies.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and some of our provisions. Its pretty straight forward and we don't ask for anything unreasonable.


How can I get paid:

  • Paper check mailed
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Facebook messenger payments
  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • We do not pay in CA$H directly. ( too much liability )


Direct deposit to:

  • Regions Bank
  • Sun Trust Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Participating Credit Unions that support sister Credit Union deposits .

We are working on Zelle transfers currently as another option. This is a work in progress and we have had some in the past state they never received their funding and had to contact our bank to remit payments. This service may start to improve but we caution against it. Once the money has left our account, we have little control on the method you choose.

Please note that whichever option you choose, if there is a fee for sending money on our side or yours, we are not covering that cost and paying you more than what was owed in the agreement. 

Example would be Walmart to Walmart money gram , where Walmart would charge up to $15.00 on a transaction to send the money. This will be deducted from your owed bill. We will try our best to help you get your money in the flavor you prefer.

Another example is Paypal taking out transaction fees. We are unable to send via Friends and Family transactions via Paypal from the way our account is provisioned. There are other alternatives that charge less on sending money. It is up to you to choose the right medium for accepting payments.

How soon do we pay?

We generally pay out within 1 week of an activation ending. We strive to be able to settle up with our people faster than other companies that do this type of promotional work.

If your shift ended or project completes after 9pm EST , do not ask us at 12am for payment. Our payment communication will end at 9pm EST and will resume communication again after 9am EST the following business day.

We will not issue any payments if :

You still have company property or materials from the campaign you were asked to ship back to us and have not done so already.

Not filled out final feedback forms and other documents that you were asked to provide.

Not turned in photographs or sufficient photography proving your time on task. After 5 days after the event , we are unable to accept any photos from you unless you have been in communication with us and have a valid reason that you couldn't do it in this timeline.

Found out that there was a breach of contract on your end and need to either escalate to legal council or calculate pro-rated payments for partial completions.

An example of breach of contract is discussing payments , rates with other contractors, employees and/or staff that is also assigned to a project and also with our clients on or off site . You are prohibited by our Non-Disclosure agreement and other agreements to discuss compensation.

Team leads and Team Captains onsite do not have access to paying you . Do not ask them or there maybe a delay in your payments being issued.

We will not accept these excuses:

"My Phone was lost."

"My Phone was stolen. "

"My phone is broken."

It is up to you to be responsible with your devices, if your device isn't reliable do not accept the work.

Without photos, we are not able to prove to our clients that the work has been done .

Which means we can't get paid to pay you . We do often pay our people before we even get paid, but this is our insurance.


In some cases we will reimburse for some fees. This will be outlined in the agreement that you sign. We will not cover parking fees that exceed $25.00 . If you decided to park somewhere in a more expensive lot, fail to keep a copy of your receipts , we will not be able to validate or reimburse this fee. Some instances we will not cover these fees.

Rental cars and hotel expenses will be covered in cases where it is mentioned in your agreement, but will be subject to approval from other needs such as proof of current and valid insurances or other documents.

Do not ask us for reimbursements after the event is over. All reimbursements need to be approved prior to agreeing to contract or before expenses are occurring. In some cases, these expenses may already be solved or already within the means of the campaign flat fees. We have no control over individual driving habits and often will flat rate a project that involves extra driving.

In some cases, the flat fee we have negotiated with you would be "all inclusive" and we are not going to issue anything past that.

We are easy to work with and if there are any issues, please do not hesitate to have a conversation with us directly.

My check was mailed but was lost by me:

1. You will need to contact us about this issue. We will need the check number you were issued and will need to enforce a stop payment on the original check. If you received the check and lost it, we will deduct the stop payment fee from your reissued payment.

If the USPS or whatever courier we sent it to you on lost it, then we will do our best in expediting a new payment. Though we don't mind issuing checks to our people, we do enjoy the convenience in today's technology.

Can you pay me in Bitcoin?

For right now the answer is "NO" . Mainly because Bitcoin fluctuates to volatile extremes and it would be hard for us to agree to pay whatever Bitcoin is trading at currently and then have the crypto currency spike or decline. We want it to be fair on both ends.